Is TAP an Effective Treatment for Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Research by sleep experts has found that there is a strong connection between snoring and sleep apnea. Both are sleep problems that have a significant impact on your sleep quality and overall health.

Snoring is a condition caused by the vibration of relaxed throat tissues while sleeping, which is often due to a narrowed airway. Snoring can indicate a more serious sleep disorder: sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a very serious sleep disorder in which breathing starts and stops several times throughout the night. Often, these interruptions are due to an obstruction in the airway. However, it is important to note that snoring is only an indicator that the patient may have sleep apnea, there is no guarantee.

Still, recognizing this link is critical for a timely diagnosis and treatment to improve sleep quality and overall health. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to daytime drowsiness, cardiovascular issues, and other health concerns. If you or a loved one is snoring loudly and persistently, the team at Prime Family Dentistry can help.

Revolutionizing Sleep with TAP Sleep Devices

TAP Sleep is an innovator in the sleep technology industry. Due to their deep understanding of sleep science, they have completely changed the way we experience rest. Their sleep devices are the new standard for improving sleep quality and overall health and well-being.

TAP devices are versatile and customizable. Additionally, these devices are a holistic approach to improving sleep. They reduce the disruptions in breathing, which provides patients with a more restful sleep, which ultimately leads to improvements in alertness and vitality.

TAP Sleep is a Leading Manufacturer of Sleep Devices

TAP Sleep is an outstanding leader in the sleep technology field. They are well known for their innovative solutions and are dedicated to improving sleep for patients around the world. They have a strong understanding of sleep and how it works and have a reputation for creating unconventional sleep devices that meet a wide variety of needs. TAP Sleep is a trusted sleep device manufacturer.

Benefits of TAP Devices

TAP devices offer several benefits for patients suffering from snoring and/or sleep apnea, including:

  • Have been proven effective at alleviating signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea including daytime fatigue, interruptions in breathing, and snoring
  • Can be customized to meet the needs and comfort of the patient
  • Can be adjusted as needed to improve the effectiveness of the device
  • Are non-invasive and non-surgical, which makes them a more attractive option for patients who want to avoid aggressive treatments such as CPAP or surgery
  • Easy to use and maintain, which increases patient compliance and reduces the health risks associated with untreated sleep apnea
  • Improves sleep by bringing the jaw forward to prevent airway obstruction instead of forcing air in and out of the airways
  • Much more comfortable and less intrusive than other sleep apnea treatments including CPAP machines
  • Portable, which means traveling is much easier than with CPAP devices

The biggest benefit of TAP devices is an improved quality of life because patients can get a good night’s sleep. This leads to more alertness and a better mood throughout the day.

However, it is important to note that the effectiveness varies from one patient to another, and treatment should be prescribed and monitored by a qualified sleep or dental professional such as those at Prime Family Dentistry.

How Does the TAP Device Work?

The TAP device is an oral appliance used to treat OSA and snoring through mandibular advancement and airway stabilization. The device is custom-fitted to the patient by a sleep specialist or dentist and consists of two trays connected by an adjustable mechanism.

Mandibular Advancement

OSA is characterized by airway blockage, which is often due to the collapse or excess relaxation of the throat tissues and tongue. The TAP device gently brings the lower jaw forward, which extends these tissues, keeping the airway open.


In order to ensure that treatment is successful, the devices are customized to the jaw structure and comfort level of the patient by the dentist or sleep specialist.

Airway Maintenance

The TAP device significantly reduces and may eliminate both snoring and sleep apnea events by preventing the throat tissues and tongue from collapsing.


The device comes with a tool/key so that patients can make their own adjustments to fine-tune their treatment.

Comfort and Compliance

Patients are much more likely to comply with treatment because TAP devices are more comfortable and tolerable than other options.

Why Choose Prime Family Dentistry for TAP Device Treatment?

There are several advantages of choosing to work with Prime Family Dentistry for your TAP device treatment needs, including:

We will custom-fit your device

We understand that comfort is a critical factor in your compliance with your treatment. If a device is not comfortable, you are less likely to use it. Therefore, we will take time to ensure the best fit possible, which will increase comfort and security- and ultimately, compliance.

We understand oral health

We have extensive experience and expertise of the oral cavity, including your teeth and gums. This allows us to customize your device while also considering your dental health to avoid interfering with oral structures.

We can help adjust and maintain your device

We will continue to work with you over time to make any necessary adjustments to your device to improve comfort and effectiveness. In addition, we will help maintain your device, which will extend its lifespan.

We will coordinate TAP treatment with your dental health

We will consider factors such as TMJ health, oral hygiene practices, and tooth alignment to ensure that the device is compatible with your dental health.

We are experts in jaw positioning

The TAP device brings the lower jaw forward to prevent the airway from collapsing or becoming blocked. We have an understanding of proper jaw positioning and can fine-tune your device to improve effectiveness.

We prioritize your comfort

We understand that comfort is a major factor in compliance and will take your comfort into consideration when fitting your device. We will work with you as long as necessary to ensure your comfort.

We make treatment convenient

Since we already offer other dental services, you may find that having your TAP treatment along with other dental work is more convenient.

While we do offer TAP device treatment, it’s important to understand that we work with sleep specialists to ensure the best treatment. Your sleep specialist will perform your initial evaluation and make the diagnosis. Then, you will be referred to our office for the custom-fitting and management of your treatment.

Schedule Your TAP Device Consultation with Prime Family Dentistry Today

The team at Prime Family Dentistry understands the importance of quality sleep for your overall quality of life. Therefore, if you or a loved one snores or has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, the TAP device may be a good solution. Schedule your consultation with Prime Family Dentistry today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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In addition to TAP devices for sleep apnea treatment, we offer other oral health services for the entire family.

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