Silver Diamine Fluoride in Stone Ridge, VA

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride in Stone Ridge, Virginia, is an excellent preventive treatment offered at our office. Dr. Subha C. Yerabollu uses this service to restore vital minerals to the enamel of your teeth, strengthening them against dental decay and helping promote longevity for your smile. Schedule a visit to Prime Family Dentistry with our dentist by calling us at 703-957-3536.
Tooth decay can have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile. It can also cause discomfort and can lead to cavities, infection and even the loss of your tooth. Depending on several factors, we may suggest addressing or preventing tooth decay with a silver diamine fluoride treatment. Silver diamine fluoride is an antibiotic applied in liquid form. Its use has been approved by the FDA to address cavities and halt the spread of tooth decay. As its name implies, it is composed of silver and fluoride. The fluoride helps prevent decay while the silver acts as an antimicrobial agent to strengthen the tooth. Candidates for silver diamine fluoride include:
  • Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity
  • Children who are dealing with severe tooth decay
  • Children who need more than one visit to treat their tooth decay
  • Special needs patients or those who have difficulty cooperating during treatment
  • Elderly patients who have root carries
Dr. Subha Yerabollu
A silver diamine fluoride treatment is easy, noninvasive and involves no discomfort. Patients often experience a reduction in tooth sensitivity, and it can minimize the need for future restorative treatments. This process can prevent future decay and eliminate organisms that can contribute to oral health issues. Silver diamine fluoride is also a good option for people who have exposed tooth roots because it hardens the dentin that covers those roots. While the treatment is stain-free for healthy enamel and dentin, there will be some discoloration of decayed tissue.
If you would like to meet with our dentist and see if this treatment is right for you or someone in your family, call our office.

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